Rise my vibe

Hey and welcome to my spiritual journal blog. My name is Mary and I start this blog and journey by 23 to try to contribute to a positive world of spiritual and healthy knowledge, where life works better for me and hopefully others.
I personally will make a difference in myself. My way of life and thinking. I am very keen on spiritual growth and to create the most enriching and positive life for myself based on the things I allready know and the things I will learn in the time to come.

I live in Norway, so my English may be better over time as well. I will share pictures of our amazing nature and things that inspire me. I want to learn about other cultures and maybe travel sometime. Im a complex person, with strong opinions, but im free by heart, and i will do anything to make this a positive change for myself and help some other souls to break free and embrace life.  It is important that we spend time on the things that make the soul happy. That makes our life more worth living ringht? thats what the budhists and hippies say. I will write about the following topics that I am concerned with:

#positive thinking
#natural lifestyle
#heal yourself
#spiritual growth

…and several other deep and philosophical thoughts about how strange life and our minds are. WARNING: There may be many strange thoughts that may seem a bit out of space sometimes just because I’m triple aquarius, haha. I think ALOT…

I think it´s important to share information  that makes positive changes. Things that we as humas should know and be greatful for. I like asking questions behind everything and learning new things. It makes me happy to see that life can give us more than we could ever imagine. what we think, we create. Faced with learning to accept where we are, and loving ourself for being born into this fantastic universe of magic. We need to understand whats life is about, how we can make it better, and maybe we got it wrong in the first place. Maybe we need to be reborn, learn to love ourselves and take control of our own minds. constantly grow and learn the lesson of life with a positive attitude.

If you have any interest in changing your life for the better, maybe I can inspire you to learn and be a bit more curious on the little things in life. And maybe you too can rise your own vibe. We can help each other, so feel free to come up with suggestions for things that work for YOU, so I can also try sharing my own knowledge and experience.

…and of course, the blog will get better in time. hope you enjoy. Love

The new age is a real thing.

We have all four seasons here in norway, love this time of the year. Makes me accept the fact that all needs to die, so something new can be born. The sun will once again shine in some months, and all will grow with grace once again. Remeber to enjoy the beautyful nature as it cycles, its a intelligence in this.

4 kommentarer om “Rise my vibe

  1. Hei Mary og takk for at du likte planet maleriene mine. 🦋🤗 Jeg begynte med Merkur og i November kommer Jupiter. Jeg er veldig interessert i vårt fantastiske Univers og har skrevet en barnebok som heter «Universet som et Maleri». Den har mange malerier og selv om det er en barnebok så har voksne også glede av å lese den. Bloggen din gleder sikkert mange også, så stå på! Altfor Norge! Hilsen Eva 🇳🇴🎃

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