♥Happy sunday, Love!♥

Today I decided to do some body-mind improvements. Ever heard about fasting? Its a growing popularity about this human phenomen, although we have been doing this for ceturies. All i will eat today, is my Yoga practise and some herbal teas. I’ve done this a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t eat for 3 days straight, just water and some fresh juices. My body felt horrible during these hungry days, but the Third day I felt better psychologically. I stopped being hungry, and my dreams and intentions became clearer. I felt some euphoria and happiness «without» reason, and I felt stronger and healthy, and its like i can think for myself without my negative mind telling me something i cant do. I could feel how empty my body was, and nothing messed up with my mind or feelings. I actually felt happy and greatful for several days after!

I decided to do this more, but instead of doing this 3-5 days, I want to do it 1 day a week, and see what happens over time. I’ve watched some videos and read about what water-fasting can do for me, and how my body-mind-spirit benefits from it.



Some benefits from waterfast:

  • Lose weight
  • Recycle your cells
  • Detox the body
  • Gaining better self-control
  • Slows aging
  • Spiritual grownt

You can watch this video fram SpiritScience on youtube to gain more information about this. Love this channel, easy to understand and fun cartoons with lots of spiritual information!

Its a reason for us loosing Our apatite when we are sick. I believe the body is healing itself, and thats easier if we let Our bodies get rid of the stuff that doesn’t belong. Give it a break! lots of water and positive thinking can change our minds to the better, and Your body. You need to do some changes manually to turn your habits. Over time, it will be the new habit and you are no longer thinking about the Challenges. You will feel better in a while. So, lets see what happens to me for the Next weeks, i will update you on eveything. You can also follow me on Instagram. This blog is getting better in time, like me, so hope you enjoy!  wish me Luck and happy sunday, Love!

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