The results of my 36 hour water-fast

Time for food!!


So, I did fast for about 36 hours, and by this time my body should get rid of some toxins and maybe making some new fresh cells too! Today I had a day off, so this day I could sleep till noon and go to the store and do some food shopping! Finally I could eat some food again, and started with a salad. I try to buy organic foods, but some cheese is needed sometimes. Haha, this is goat cheese, and its taste great in a «vegetarian» salad.

Yesterday I was water-fasting, so I was really hungry last night. I thought about food especially before bed, and when I woke up this morning(noon), but I was not that hungry. I did some yoga and felt empty on the inside, and my body was not that flexible. (Usually its not when I’m doing it in the morning…) I try to do, or I HAVE to do yoga every single day. If not, I’m not feeling good.. If you are interested in yoga, I really suggest that you do this every day, even if its just 15 minutes. more about that will come in the future 🙂

so, anyway, I did some healthy shopping today, and I bought myself a salad. But when I got to eat, I wasn’t that hungry, and I didn’t eat the whole salad.. And I had to go to the bathroom after… this is totally normal when you are water-fasting. But now I feel much better, I feel energetic and positive to keep up the good body-mind work, and try not to consume lots of toxins later this week. I think I will see more results if I do this once a week for some months. fast-sundays is something I will do regularly, and after a couple of weeks I will give you updates, maybe some before and after photos too?

I did make a video about what I bought, and a little about myself. Thinking maybe its time for me to show my face too 🙂 and I will probably start a youtube channel. I think this blog Is a great way to write down the data I collect about different lifestyles and diets, but I think maybe I can reach out better if I can talk and show you something. My English is maybe little weird, but it will get better in time, haha. I will try my best to speak and write good English, as you know I’m from Norway, so some words can be harder for me than others. But we learn this in school, so I’m not that bad, and its always room for getting better. Thats what life is about, right? grownt!

Please give me some response back, I would love to hear from you what YOU would be more interested in. If I make videos, it can be alot of different things, because I have a wide range of interest, haha but mainly it is spiritual stuff, and how we can make a better life. From a Norwegian point of view 🙂

Maybe being Norwegian can be a topic too, are you curious about Norwegian culture? just ask me a question and I will do my best to make some entertaining videos as soon as I learn to edit them. I hope you will help me get this blog better in time.

have a nice day, and be grateful for your ability to read, Love!

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