Last supermoon of 2018

Ok, so I decided to maybe make this blog a little different. I will still do some updates on different diets, and how it makes me feel, but I don’t think THAT’s what I want to write about most of the time. I have a lot on my mind, and I think there is so many great blogs out there with food, health and diets, I don’t think that will fit me in time. I like to write about metaphysical stuff, philosophies, feelings, awakening and all of that other spiritual stuff. I think I wanna write about what’s on my mind, this is MY blog after all.. 🙂

linda-xu-278580-unsplashphoto by Linda Xu

soo, i will start with the moon, because the moon needs more attention right now. There is a upcoming super full moon tomorow, and I want to talk about that. Its going to be in earthy Taurus.

No matter where the moon is and what phase it’s in, it will affect life on earth. The reason why the moon is there is to keep us in balance, to keep on the magnetism of the earth. Many planets have moon, some planets have several. our moon is a permanent natural satellite.
I think people underestimate the forces that get started every time the moon is full. There is a reason why mad people are called lunatics, but I think thats a little underestimated facts.. The moon has a 27-day cycle, where it’s strongest when it’s full. This affects magnetism on the soil, high tide and shallow water, and this will also affect us humans and animals, as well as plants because we contain water. Imagine when a tidal can rise and sink with more than 25 meters difference due to the moon phases.


How does this affect us?

You often hear about things that happen in the midst of full moon. More accidents happen, people sleep worse than otherwise, there’s more crime and it’s simply more drama when the moon reaches its brightest stage. But its so much more to this! The energy levels are high, and what zodiac the moon is in will also affect us, like the typical energy of the zodiac sign. In this case, Taurus.
I think the moon controls much of our emotional side. In astronomy, the moon is perceived as what rules our feelings and behaviors then. The moon has a feminine and mysterious energy that fits perfectly to perform actions you may need some extra energy to perform. Of course, not everyone will experience this in the same way, but it is clearly something that happens during this phase. Without the moon, life would not be possible. And its different every cycle. I think this is a great time to harvest some earlier intentions, and cuddle up with loved ones!

Full moon in Taurus, the last supermoon of 2018.

This moon will stand in the zodiac’s bull. be ready to be grounded. This energy will give us strength, goal awareness and comfort, so set your intentions clear if you haven’t already, and you will be able to go after them with full strength from the bull’s stubbornness and momentum. It’s time to reap what you’ve sown. This will be the year’s last super moon, so enjoy it and be aware of your goals. It would be a great time to spend time at home with loved ones and family, this energy is a lot about comfort. You can use the energy you need to complete the goals you set yourself, and in the next two weeks you will still be able to reap what you have already requested. It’s a great time to let your crystals out in the moonlight, maybe even you want to swim in the beautiful light that is a magical reflection of the sun. Taurus is very old-fashioned in its ways and we can work better with this energy by adapting some features from this character. Like, the taurus is a materialistic sign, likes comfort, rules the throat-chakra and is very sensual. Cook some food and do some loving’ 🙂 enjoy these weeks of grounded, moneymaking, cozy energy.

Next up, Scorpio phase
We have just been through a libra phase that may have been compelling to us, I personally have had a few weeks of downturn and adversity, but it has given me a lot of strength and I have grown. I think thats what Libra is about, balance. Time for a change, right? so I appreciate it, and I’m grateful for what this had to show me, and I’m looking forward to the time that comes, hopefully it will give me some positive upsets. The energy thats about to rise, is a lot about transformation. We’re headed into a scorpio phase now, that is, the sun will stand in this zodiac.

Have you felt something different the last days? hope you enjoy the last supermoon of 2018, time to feel some gratitude for yourself and how far you have come! Have a nice night, hope you get to sleep, Love! 🙂



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