we create our realities.

Happy Scorpio season!

This energy is definitely different from the last one, I can feel the intense energy, and feelings that are floating up to the surface. I want to talk about this, because I think its important for us to know what we can do, and how to work with this energy to have a great time. Scorpio is a water element, so feelings is the big thing here. Don’t deny them, work with them! Some may feel the full moons intense energy, but what a perfect timing to do a little self-work, right? 🙂 This Taurus full moon has a lot of grounded energy to it, great to spend some time with family, I spent yesterday visiting my mother and siblings, and that felt great 🙂

I also feel the intense scorpio energy, the deep feelings that are hidden in me, the transformation and alchemy. The thing about Scorpio, is that this energy is so potent, that it needs to be channeled. If we learn how to work with this energy, our manifestation becomes stronger, and our intuition can be really strong.  It is really important not to hide from ourselves, but to accept and embrace the dark side of ourselves. Use your darkness and turn it into power! Open your heart to this, and embrace it, and you will be rewarded.

Here are some tips to work WITH the scorpio energy:

  • Love deeply. Open your heart, and give love to your own soul. Accept the fact, that you also deserves deep, true love.
  • Be resourceful. satisfy your basic needs and build upon that.
  • Be intimate. Take time with your emotions, be vulnerable and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You deserve to become you! take place! unleash the depts of your soul. Have sex.
  • Alchemize the coal to gold. Face your darkness, and use it as power. You can turn it around, and make yourself stronger. Face it, and embrace it, you are perfect.

Get rid of the negative vibes and turn them around in your favour! What would life be without a little mystery and darkness. This is a time for open up and see whats there, feel it and se if you can have a greater intuition. Follow your heart, and remember: It is not a good idea to flee from your own dark thoughts, you are not your thaoughts, you are the soul behind all of that, just give it some attention, and love and accept the fact that life is not perfect. If we know that it will be OK in the end, because we are eternal beings of energy, you can create a great life for yourself. Its up to you how you wanna play this. We create our own realities.


Do the work. Have a wondeful and magical evening, Love!

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