Meditation hill


It’s nice to take a breath, and just accept what it feels like on the inside. Don’t try to change it or control it, but rather observe it and let it go.


Sometimes I’m out of balance, and may react to certain thing differently. To keep me positive and non-reactive, I have to meditate everyday. I know this, but still I can get out of balance sometimes. It happens, like habits. I think every single thing we do can change, if we see it as habits. I haven’t done any meditation or yoga this weekend, because I got sick.. I had fever and headaches, but I’m getting better now. I truly feel how important this is, because one day without meditation get me out of balance. I’m out of balance because I’m sick too, but I’ve felt this many times before when I got out of my mindful habits.

I think, that if we continue to meditate and do some soul-talk and self-nurture,  we will eventually get better, every single one of us. I think if we meditate, we will turn love invards, and from there we will radiate love outwards. The world will eventually get better, and we can evolve like we should. We can become who we really are.

Make a habit out of meditation, like you always brush your teeth, or make coffee in the morning. Priorities. If you have time for social media, you have time for meditation too 🙂 This is so unbelievable important for us, and we have no idea. I can tell you by my own experience, that you will feel much more alive and happy if you do some meditation everyday for about 10-15 minutes.

How to start meditation?

  • close your eyes
  • breath in
  • breath out
  • continue and focus on your breath.


This practise is ancient, and have so many positive benefits. This will give us the control of our minds back, and true level of happiness can be reached. This has been one of my greatest life experience till now, that I will practice hopefully every day of my life. After I’ve experienced the benefits from it, I know it’s stupid to not continue. I find it really easy to continue and keep track of my meditation with an app. I was really happy with Calm . This app is really awesome, starting and continuing meditation practice easily. Its has lots of different types of meditation for different purposes, like focus, love, gratitude, anxiety, stress, mindful eating etc. I use it before bed.


as you can see, I can’t do it everyday for long, because weekends sometimes disturbs my good habits, haha 🙂


So, I hope to get better at this everyday, because I know how much I need this. My soul needs this, and I know your soul does too. Take some time to relax for yourself and just feeling the breath. You deserve some peace of mind and self-love. I hope you had a relaxing weekend, looking forward to a fresh new week with self-love and meditation.

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