Thoughts about domestication

You ever had a word stuck on your mind? And when you focus on one thing, you can suddenly read or hear the word thats stuck? Happens sometimes in my case, and I think its funny how strange words you maybe don’t even know keeps popping up everywhere.

There is a word thats been crossing my mind lately. I keep hearing the same word, in English even tho I’m Norwegian. «Domestic». I had to search it up, and see what it meant, to be sure. Ive heard things like «domestic-cat» or other animals, and the word was quite strong. I think we can sense the vibration of words, and what they mean by how they sound and feel. Domestic or domesticated are strong words I think we don’t really understand on a deep level. Humans created this word, we created a meaning to it. The world and the life on it is domesticated by humans.  Sounds unethical, I don’t like this word.. opposite of domestic, have to be Freedom, right? Wild and untamed.

Sure there are still parts of this world thats not domestic yet, but if we keep thrilling it and treating it as a goldmine, everything here will one day. I think the society is the biggest issue we don’t see.. We as «civilised» humans are domesticated as well as dogs and cats, loooong time ago.. And by some weird reason, we like it? Better to be safe, right? locked up in a tiny office every single day of your grown life, so you can pay for your house and car and taxes. Keep watching the same old crap on TV so you don’t have to think so much about how domesticated you and your family are..

There are so many fucked up rules, I can’t even start.. How can we see ourselves as free? You can loose your drivers license in Norway for everything, like if you haven’t put on winter tires by now, and its still October. Why should we be born here to follow someone else’s rules, if they are stupid? The same rule is not for everyone. In some countries its totally different.. Why is it illegal to smoke marihuana or live in your own cabin or boat? Can’t homeschool our children or say no to vaccines without getting in trouble? I know there are some rules for safety, but some rules is there to hold us in a box. To domesticate us.. Why should we get punished for being curious humans? This is as domesticated as you get, and I think its wrong. I think its wrong to treat us like slaves, like domestic humans.. Economy is the key here.

The reason people awaken, is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.

Some people don’t think we can live lawless or without a leader. But I think we have reached a true level of slavery by now, and we need to take control of our own minds to get out. I know my soul don’t want that shit. I want to be free, to take care of myself with love and respect and treat everyone, humans and animals as equal souls. We can have some basic guidelines in life, but not like this. We were born to live! We were born to be free. we were born to create a home for everybody on this planet.

What do you think?

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