Time for Love

its time for some love. either its for yourself or a loved one, love is always free. We live for love, and this is some true magic that lies within us all.

there is enough hate already, so be kind, be loving, be free ♥


Here are some remedies my mother in law made for me. Its natural and homemade, with lots of love, and because it started to snow here in Norway, its time for some self-care and self-love. This contains essential oils and one of the oils are Frankincense oil. This is great for soothing and relaxing the skin, and it has positive and calming effects on the nervous system. I got sick this weekend, so this will be great for my head and neck ♥ I will relax the rest of the night, and make myself some soup. There is something beautiful about getting sick, and really understand how you can treat your body right.

Take good care of youself, and I hope you have a magical day, Loves!

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