Time to reflect

This period of time has been hard on me. It’s scorpio season still, but I feel stuck. Or, at least I have felt like this, but it’s still time to make this a positive experience. I have learned alot about myself the last weeks, and i still have some time to reflect.

Mars, the planet of action has now entered watery pieces. Mars has been in aquarius for a couple of weeks now, and my brain has been on high demand for thoughts.. Im a tripple aquarius, so i think this has caused me to feel a little overwhelmed. I feel little tired, and my blogging has not been Good.. but sometimes you need a little time to Get back on track, and do some selfwork, to spread the good vibes.

Scorpio-season has teached me to sometimes just accept that i can’t always push myself to do what i should do, if my inspiration is down, and rather just focus on me and my feelings. There is alot of healing to this energy, and I needed some time to reflect on past trauma, to heal.. I really want to share with you, but this is just the beginnings, and i need to learn some patience😅 I also learned for the third time, that Yoga and meditation is so crucial for me to do, every single day, to feel fine. My negativity bites me in the back everytime if i don’t take care of my self. I swear, do some yoga/meditation! For your soul, you will benefit from it! I had the flu for first time in years this season, that caused me to drop out yoga for almost 2 weeks! And I get the results of it now. Not god at all😫😅 paranoia and negative thoughts comes creeping, and i need to turn that around, so i can feel peace🙏🏻

I got a Instagram acount, risemyvibe, you can check out also. Im thinking about starting creating my own quotes, so stay tuned. Im coming back stronger. Now that the planet of action is in pieces, Its a perfect time for some spiritual grownt and selfcare, im sure you all will feel this! Take care, and don’t forget to love yourself. That is really important ❤️45D8BC2A-DE4F-424B-9088-4605D51E3103.jpeg

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