Weekend retrograde update

Happy friday, loves❤️

Today, Venus the planet of love finally goes direct again after 6 weeks of retrograde. I personally are very dedicated to my love life, and it’s important for me to have balance and peace. Luckily, Venus is in its home of libra, and this will bring more balance. We can now move forward in all things related to our love life and relationships and feel the grace and beauty within ourselves. Focus on love and passion, but most importantly, love yourself!

This period was, like I told, a little hard for me, mostly because I didn’t take care of myself. I got out of my positive routine, and yoga/meditation was set on hold for couple of weeks. This week I have been working on getting back on track, and I feel better. I hope you all will too. Take care of yourself, take time to do something your soul loves, even if it’s just taking a long shower or chilling with a good book.

We need to forgive ourselves for past mistakes, and move forward with a positive and loving attitude towards ourselves and others. Remember, you are powerful and you can make an amazing life if you believe in it. Take control over your mind, and watch out for negative thoughts. You don’t have to listen to your own head, if it’s not bringing you good vibes or love. You are the master of your own life, let the love and light in you blossom and shine trough 🙏🏻

There is a new retrograde starting today, Mercury, the planet of communications. This is going retrograde 3 weeks from now, and we are being asked not to make big decisions in this period. Quit overthinking and bad habits. Protect your energy and rest and take time by yourself. Sometimes the best medicine against negative energy is to be alone and clear out whatever needs attention. This retrograde will bring some to the surface, that you need to heal, and in the meantime, take alone time and focus on what you love. Arts and music is very helpful, and it sparks your soul. Go for a walk out in nature, with some chill music and just be. Live in the moment, and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. You are perfect, just the way you are. You are love and light in a human body, embrace it❤️ communicate with your soul, I know I will. Yoga is the best teacher, it will free my mind so my soul can speak and I can heal.

I hope you all feel good the next weeks, I would love to hear about how good your doing. Have a wonderful weekend,

Raise your vibe, loves ❤️

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