veggie-wraps with cheese

Happy Monday, Loves! How was your weekend? Mine where really great. I spent time on the mountains again with my Love, and our cat. Sometimes we take her with us, we are all a little family, and she sure loves to spend time with us at the cabin.

This weekend, we decided to stop the fast-sundaes, and try doing it on the Mondays instead.. Its so boring to loose the good weekend meals, haha. Mondays will be much better timing for this. Fresh week, fresh start, right? Im feeling fine, my day at work and workout session was totally fine without food. It just the mindset. What a great day to share some of my favourite foods right now, then!


this weekend, I have made some delicious wraps. This is a great idea for healthy, and fast lunch. No cooking and no meat, just a little cheese. You can fill this up with whatever you want. The way I make them, is natural cream cheese, some cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, spinach and lots of onions. Lots of vegetables and some white cheese bites to get a nice and creamy consistency and great taste.  I love this, and my boyfriend loves it. It actually was he that asked me to make them. I usually make a lot so he can take some to work the day after. I feel good in my own skin today.

Like I said, you can fill them with whatever you want, just make sure to fill them up with some love, good veggies and some sauce or cheese. Next time I will make them with some guacamole for even healthier snacks. Easy to make, easy to eat, and good for you.

Hope you all had a perfect weekend, I sure did 🙂

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