Going Norwegian

Ok, loves.. I have a little announcement for you. I see in the statistics that most of my readers are Norwegian. I love writing in English, and the reason I  do is because I want to reach out to the entire world, but I also feel that this is hindering me to express myself right. At this time, when the whole blog is relatively new to me, and I don’t have that much readers yet, I think maybe its better to actually write in my own language. I think this will make me write more often, and I can finally express myself the way I really want to. Of course, it is great exercise to write in English, and I can totally write in English sometimes when I feel like it. Like stuff about astrology and maybe food.

From now on, I will write in Norwegian, sometimes English, and I Hope to grow as a writer. I have really much on my mind sometimes that I don’t feel like is getting right because of this. Thank you everyone for positive feedback. Im still learning, and this will get me on the right track of writers joy. For those especially interested in my writing, you can use translator anytime 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, or in Norwegian: Ha en fantastisk lillelørdag!


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