I’m here this weekend! Beautiful Gaustablikk in Norway. It started to snow yesterday, so its getting cozy and cold here soon. Better cuddle up with my boyfriend, and just relax. Fasting starts tomorrow again, but for now: What are you doing this weekend? Hope you all have a great time, Loves!

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Vegan Pyttipanne recipe

Okay, im not a real vegan, but I really enjoy some meat-less foods now and then, this recipe is a Norwegian dish called Pyttipanne, it’s all about using whatever you got on hand and fry it together in a pan. I think most countries got something like this, its super nutricious and taste really good! Here’s […]

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Rise my vibe

Hey and welcome to my spiritual journal blog. My name is Mary and I start this blog and journey by 23 to try to contribute to a positive world of spiritual and healthy knowledge, where life works better for me and hopefully others. I personally will make a difference in myself. My way of life […]

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